Sabtu, 14 Maret 2015

Putrajaya Baloon Fest - 20150314

All in a sudden, and luckily boss was not around, a friend of mine invited me for a photo hunt. Balloon fest at Putrajaya. We left very early in the morning. I woke up around 3.30 and getting ready and left from my house at 4.30 to the nearest station. Got off the cab at 6.00 am and took morning pray at this mosque. Still pretty dark, isn't it.

We took a walk to the opposite bridge, Seri Wawasan bridge and set our gear. There weren't so many photo hunters (I resist from using photographer because I am not one myself). If you see in below pic, the big circle white thing is the balloon and the start point for the balloon to go up.

The opposite side, you can see Masjid Putra and the housing complex in front of it.

So again, this is just the same take off zone for those balloons seen from different angle.

The first one to go on air is actually welcoming balloon, one which says "Putrajaya Balloon Fest" but unfortunately, when it hovered above landmark Masjid, we couldn't see the writing.

And this green one is really cute. Again, the wind was not on our side, it would be beautiful if only it faced us when it flew over the Masjid.

Last but not least, the sky was really blue, it reminded me of Stanley, Hong Kong.

And, actually there are 5 of us, but we couldn't manage to take picture together, so only 3 of us here in the picture.

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